It’s About Communication

Helping humans to properly communicate with their dogs is very important in order to establish a strong, respectful, bond between the two species. I thoroughly enjoy helping to educating owners on their dogs’ needs and explaining why their dog acts the way it does. More than often an owner doesn’t realize that their best buddy is stressed out, depressed, and/or lacking self-confidence, etc., which is creating behavioral issues.

Creating a healthy home environment where a dog can be relaxed, happy, and healthy is my goal. I want owners to be able to confidently take their canine companions out in public and know that their dog is going to be well behaved and reliable.

Behavioral Consultant

I have always had animals in my life. With over 35 years of rescuing and rehabilitating, I have raised squirrels, foxes, and once even a mountain lion. I’ve trained, bred and showed English and French Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels and Great Danes; hunted and raced Jack Russells; and presently do therapy visitations with my dogs.

I have also spent time rescuing and rehabilitating horses, donkeys, and mules. One of my favorites was a donkey named Simon, who was trick-trained and we even interviewed with the David Letterman Show for their “Stupid Pet Tricks” segment. Another donkey, Chewbacca, was also trick-trained and became an ambassador for rescued donkeys. You can see his video on YouTube “Mammoth Donkey Tricks”.

My passion is to rescue, rehabilitate, and give new hope to owners and their 4-legged friends.

About Margaret Corry

Margaret’s passion is working with dogs on behavioral issues and obedience training. She finds nothing more rewarding that to help a family communicate with their 4-legged members. At home, she has three Great Danes – Isabelle, Merlin and Marcus – whom she often takes to schools and nursing homes. She also has a rescued chihuahua named Ms. Thing and a hairy-hairless, Napoleon.


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