Behavioral Consultation

Chewing? Destroying your carpet and furniture? Constant barking? Lunging at other dogs and people as you are walking? Do you say to yourself “My dog just doesn’t listen to me!”… These are all behavioral issues and we can help. If you follow our step-by-step program…. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

New Puppy?

Is your puppy a perfect angel as long as you are in plain sight, but the devil in them comes out when you’re not around? Housebreaking, obedience, chewing, not listening… we can help!

Getting a new puppy can be such a fun experience. But taking care of a puppy requires quite a bit of hard work, patience, and responsibility. You need to train your puppy, feed your puppy, and spend quality time building a bond with your new puppy. If you want to handle having a new puppy, you’ll need to spend some time puppy-proofing your house too.

Obedience Training

A well-trained dog is a well-behaved dog and one that will listen to you as you give commands.

Whether you’re getting a jump on training a new puppy or trying to teach an old dog new tricks. In our Basic Obedience course, we teach your dog to Walk on Loose Leash, Sit, Stay, Down, and Come.

Intensive Training Doggie Boot Camps

What is a in-home bootcamp? Is Doggie BootCamp right for me and my pet(s)?

It is also often referred to as “in-board training”,  “in-kennel”, “dog board and train” and “training camp.”

Margaret Corry Training specializes in creating an unbeatable learning environment in a safe, fun and interactive home environment for your 4-legged family member(s). We all lead busy lives and often don’t have the time it takes to get great results.

Personalized, In Home Training

Specialized in behavior modification, problem solving and obedience training. We train puppies 8 weeks and older, and adult dogs of any age. We train your dog in your home.

  • We Train in Your Home!
  • Humane, Natural Methods
  • Any Breed, Size or Age
  • Perfect for Adopted & Rescued Dogs