All dogs need some level of obedience training, but that doesn’t mean you need to become the next world champion team. Some owners think they’re dogs are good enough without being trained or don’t want to spend the time and money required to successfully teach basic house manners. But there are many reasons you should obedience train your dog. Whether it’s a group class or personal instructor, you’ll certainly benefit from the experience.

Build Your Bond

One of the most incredible things about training your dog is how much you’ll strengthen your bond. Obedience is fun and exciting for both you and your pooch and learning to work together as a team will bring you closer together. Many owners have found that their dogs are more affectionate once they begin obedience training, even if it’s just a basic sit and down.

If you ask dog trainers what they like most about training, they’ll most likely all tell you that the bond you can form with an animal is one of the most rewarding experiences life offers.

Whether you’re looking for help with house manners or want to get your feet wet into AKC obedience, you’re certain to find warm, helpful people who want nothing more than to see you and your pup succeed.

Be A Good Citizen

Being a good citizen goes for you and your dog. Dogs with no training and obnoxious behaviors are typically despised by everyone that has to deal with them and they look just as poorly upon their owners. Not only do you not want to live with a troublesome pooch, you certainly don’t want to be irresponsible.

Taking the time to teach basic obedience will make you and your dog much more enjoyable and you might even find that the neighborhood begins to look forward to meeting you on a walk.

Learn New Things

Many owners get stuck thinking they know everything about dogs and training, even if they’ve just finished a puppy class with their very first dog. The fun part, you’re going to learn different things.

You’ll learn different ways of training and which ways work best for your dog, making your sessions much more productive and enjoyable.

Learning new techniques and teaching new behaviors will also build your confidence and make training more enjoyable as a whole.

There is never an end to learning when it comes to dog training, so take notes everywhere you go and apply what you discover.

Your Dog Will be Happier

You may think that this system is just being too controlling and not “fair” to the dog. Actually, by being consistent in your handling and in your demands on the dog you are being fair.

He/She needs structure – to understand what you want and what his responsibilities are. What is truly unfair is giving up a dog because of behavior problems – problems caused by the lack of structure and guidance that were the owners’ responsibility to give.

Unfortunately, animal shelters are filled every day with these dogs. Firm, loving training will keep you and your dog happy – and keep you together.